A Brief Introduction

My name is Tom Richards and I am an aspiring wildlife filmmaker.

This year I graduated with a 2:1 in BSc Animal Behaviour from the University of Exeter, into the masses of unemployed and hopeful graduates that are drifting about in this currently fairly depressing economic climate. A few of my friends who graduated with more respected degrees have managed to land themselves in graduate schemes with banks or law firms, or gone on to further their education and do postgraduate study; however the vast majority of people I know at this stage have opted either to work in part-time jobs while they search for something better, or go travelling in the hope that the job market will be better when they return. And despite this low success rate amongst people who got ‘real degrees’ and are applying to ‘proper jobs’, I have decided to try and climb the ladder from being an unemployed graduate to making a living in the notoriously competitive wildlife film industry, with nothing but a camcorder, a passion for natural history, and “with Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese” added to my degree certificate for good measure.

In spite of the rather daunting task I have ahead of me, the overriding feeling that I have about my future is excitement: all of the people I have talked to or read advice from so far have said what an incredibly rewarding industry this is to work in, and well worth the amount of effort it usually requires to break into. I have lots of ideas and plans to develop my skill set and try to make a name for myself, in particular trying to produce my own films which I will post on this page. I am currently in the process of editing some footage I shot last summer while volunteering at the Pandrillus Foundation Afi Mountain Drill Ranch in Nigeria (check out their website here) so watch this space for the first of (hopefully) many films by yours truly!


Published by Tom Richards

My name is Tom Richards and I am an aspiring wildlife filmmaker attempting to break into this most competitive of industries. A recent graduate of BSc Animal Behaviour at the University of Exeter, I have been inspired with a passion and desire to capture the beauty of the natural world through filmmaking and storytelling.

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