Wildscreen 2014 Nominees

  It’s just over 4 months until Wildscreen Festival 2014 and my excitement levels are beginning to rise! Tickets are on sale, speed pitching applications have opened, and the list of nominees has been released, filling my TV-watching schedule from now until the festival. There’s a few immediately recognisable titles on the list – DavidContinue reading “Wildscreen 2014 Nominees”

Twitching Challenge Round 3

It’s time for round 3, here are the results… Blue tit (sound) – 1 point. Woodpigeon (sound, sight) – 2 points. Chiffchaff (sound) – 1 point. Magpie (sight, sound) – 2 points. Green woodpecker (sight, sound) – 2 points. Carrion crow (sight, sound) – 2 points. A respectable 10 points carries on the trend ofContinue reading “Twitching Challenge Round 3”

Made in Bristol, Wildlife Film’s Tinseltown

In 1957, the BBC invited a young zoologist by the name of David Attenborough to head a new unit, the Natural History Unit, based in Bristol. Having just settled in London with his family he declined, and it wasn’t until 1973 and Eastwards with Attenborough – a series following an expedition to South East AsiaContinue reading “Made in Bristol, Wildlife Film’s Tinseltown”

Twitching Challenge Round 2

It’s well past time for round 2 of my Twitching Challenge, so here are the results… Carrion crow (sound, sight) – 2 points. Magpie (sound, sight) – 2 points. Woodpigeon (sight) – 1 point. Song thrush? (sight) – 1/2 point. Chiffchaff (sound) – 1 point. Blackbird (sound) – 1 point. So a total of 7Continue reading “Twitching Challenge Round 2”

The Birds and the Bees

As spring moves into summer in the UK a few things start to happen. Firstly, I remember that I have hay fever and start to hate all flowering plants, which is usually about the same time as the second thing: beer starts to taste better when its drunk outside. Then, while sipping said beer, throughContinue reading “The Birds and the Bees”


So last week I heard back from UWE about the results of my MA interview and… I was successful! There’s not much else that I can say at this point apart from the fact that I’m obviously really excited, and if you want to hear more about how the course is you’ll have to stickContinue reading “Results!”

Interviews and Garden News

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I returned from Lagos, and I have been pretty busy. I’ve had 2 interviews – one for the RSPB and one for my MA Wildlife Filmmaking course – and while the preparation for them hasn’t been too difficult, it has been rather time consuming, involving watching a lot ofContinue reading “Interviews and Garden News”

A Bit of Birding in Nigeria

Lagos is a busy port on the coast of one of the worlds fastest growing economies. Nigeria has been coined a “MINT” country, and its former capital and largest city is said to be the second fastest growing city on the African continent. But does this buzzing metropolis leave room for any birds to liveContinue reading “A Bit of Birding in Nigeria”

New Opportunities…

The last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of opportunities pop up for me to do things that could contribute to me beginning my career, and its fast becoming quite an exciting year! I recently (after having done a few office-based temp jobs) decided it was time to start doing a job that wasContinue reading “New Opportunities…”