Back to Nonsuch Park: Twitching Challenge Round 4

A bit of a belated post as I’ve been busy lately (see next post!), but I headed back to my old local park to walk my mothers dogs (on 23rd March), and while I was there I though I’d do my first twitching challenge in a while. Here are the results of round 4… WoodpigeonContinue reading “Back to Nonsuch Park: Twitching Challenge Round 4”


Twitching Challenge Round 3

It’s time for round 3, here are the results… Blue tit (sound) – 1 point. Woodpigeon (sound, sight) – 2 points. Chiffchaff (sound) – 1 point. Magpie (sight, sound) – 2 points. Green woodpecker (sight, sound) – 2 points. Carrion crow (sight, sound) – 2 points. A respectable 10 points carries on the trend ofContinue reading “Twitching Challenge Round 3”

Twitching Challenge Round 2

It’s well past time for round 2 of my Twitching Challenge, so here are the results… Carrion crow (sound, sight) – 2 points. Magpie (sound, sight) – 2 points. Woodpigeon (sight) – 1 point. Song thrush? (sight) – 1/2 point. Chiffchaff (sound) – 1 point. Blackbird (sound) – 1 point. So a total of 7Continue reading “Twitching Challenge Round 2”


So last week I heard back from UWE about the results of my MA interview and… I was successful! There’s not much else that I can say at this point apart from the fact that I’m obviously really excited, and if you want to hear more about how the course is you’ll have to stickContinue reading “Results!”